an International Competition in Rhytmic Gymnastics

Saturday, 14th June 2014 • KV Arena Karlovy Vary • Czech Republic

The second Carlsbad Cup followed the success of the premiere one and still added to the quality and attractions. 126 rhythmic gymnasts took part in this event, which was again at a high level and great performance of the gymnasts were accompanied by 12 original exhibition performances. There were about 500 satisfied spectators. The representatives of both foreign and domestic club rated it very highly and took part in the After Party. The Cup also attracted considerable media attention. Ten sets of medals were handed over and each competitor was given valuable prizes.

For the second time the overall winner became the team SK Dynamo Ukraine (Anastasiya Ivanochko, Marta Chernenko and Olga Kozak)

The gymnasts of the organizing club reached the results as follows:

  • 4. ‐ Klára Svobodová (Naděje nejmladší 2007)
  • 2. - Klára Orlová (Naděje nejmladší 2006)
  • 3. - Adriana Divišová (Naděje nejmladší 2006)
  • 17. ‐ Klára Tamchynová (Kadetky starší)
  • 2. - Kristina Bernatová (Dorostenky)
  • 7. ‐ Anna Špičková (Dorostenky)


The 2nd Carlsbad RG Cup - IN PICTURE ENCarlsbad
RG Cup

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Due to the enthusiasm of the organizers, sponsors‘ willingness and interest of participants an outstanding competition was organized at extraordinary levels. We hope the next year will bring everyone even more exciting experiences.

Thanks to all the competitors for great sports performances, to the judges for their responsible and demanding job, to the media for promotion of the event, and last but not least to the audience for creating a great atmosphere.