Rhytmic Gymnastics Club in Karlovy Vary

Rhythmic Gymnastics in Karlovy Vary has a long tradition since 1955, when one of the first RG clubs in the former Czechoslovakia was established in this spa town. The club passed through various sport organizations, most recently from 1997 to 2015, it worked under the name TJ Slavia Karlovy Vary. Since 2016, the club has been working as a single legal entity, a sports club of rhythmic gymnastics called TopGym Karlovy Vary.

Thanks to the talented gymnasts as well as capable coaches, the club focuses on the most difficult Line A/B level, and, if possible,  group exercises. Carlsbad's modern gymnasts are successesful at competitions both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In 2012 new management agreed to lead the RG club and with their help the Carlsbad rhythmic gymnastics has seen success not only in the field of sports. The club chairman, Jiri Herian also performs as the Chairman of the entire West Bohemian Rhythmic Gymnastics Association (Carlsbad and Pilsen Regions). The club chief coach, Miroslava Spickova, was awarded the title  "Trainer of the Year in Karlovy Vary Region, 2013“ and a junior gymnast, Kristina Bernatova won the title "Successful Sportsman in Karlovy Vary Region, 2014".

Our modern gymnasts regularly participate in numerous cup competitions and championships; at the West Bohemian Regional Championships (Pilsen and Carlsbad Regions) they win medal positions and advance to the Championship of the Czech Republic.

The last three years have been for Carlsbad modern gymnasts particularly successful. The girls participated in 60 races in which they won over 120 medals. The furthest place where our club and the city of Karlovy Vary were represented by our gymnasts was a competition in Belgium.

In recent years, the sports club has had more than 50 gymnasts and 10 coaches, referees, a ballet teacher and the manager of the club. Currently, there are also two Russian coaches.

We have an ambitious goal to be among the top in the Czech Republic both in the quality of backgrounds and the success of our rhythmic gymnasts. That is why the club has been trying to create  a good reputation ,among other things builds also by organizing a prestigious competition Carlsbad RG Cup in KV Arena.

Official Website of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club TJ Slavia Karlovy Vary (only in Czech).